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He eventually returned to Europe, committing his life to the liberation of his fellow Americans. Video/C 934 This portrait of Mexico's foremost novelist probes beneath the surface of his work to expose the roots of his fiction and its place in the world of literature. The documentary had its premiere during a unique riverbed screening with 4,000 Juchitecans. Kennedy investigates the impact of the fence and some of its unforeseen consequences. Features include mask dancing by children, the spectacular Dance of the Voladores performed on a 60 foot pole; the fantastic Cholula Pyramid, and artisians creating skeleton and skull artwork in pottery, fabrics and food. It argues that Mexico's famous mestizaje includes the important contibutions of African groups, as well as Spaniards and Indians. Presented at the International Latino Film Festival held in the San Francisco Bay Area. Filmed on location in Sri Lanka, El Salvador, Mexico and Morocco. Interweaves poetry, music, and interviews with Kahlo's students and friends to create a portrait of an artist whose life and work increasingly speaks to the sensibilities of today. (SF International Latino Film Festival Collection). Aesthetics: Reveals the desire for expressing individuality through diverse conceptions of beauty in everyday Cuban life whether in the form of a hood ornament, a display window or a star-studded tooth. Castro is seen swimming with bodyguards in the ocean, visiting his childhood home and school, joking with his friend Nelson Mandela, meeting with Elian Gonzalez, and celebrating his birthday with the Buena Vista Social Club.

Video/C MM285 : With the imprisonment and eventual death of Miranda, Simon Boliver assumed the mantle of the leader of the South American independence movement. Video/C MM908 Depicts the life of a fictional middle-class Mexican family, its faith in power and money as the basis of life, without considering how these values affect the lives and behavior of their children: their experimentation with drugs, premarital sex, and crime, occasionally leading to serious consequences and even death. Produced and directed by the Foro Ecolgico de [email protected];n, teacher Ari Palos in association with Dos Vatos Productions; screenwriter Jorge Antonia Garcia, animator Lenin De Gyvés Montero.(14 min., Spanish with English subtitles, 2004) c2010. DVD X4272 Mexico City, the most polluted and fastest growing city on the planet, is a sobering foretaste of what may await us all. Through candid interviews with border guards, ranchers, environmentalists, she asked the question: Was it worth it? In English and various languages with English voiceovers. King of the Jungle: Filmed as Cuba was entering the economic crisis of the early 90s, observations are made along Havana's Prado Street through the eyes of the lion sculpture located there.

Alonso lives in the Highland of Chenalho, where his community is filled with conflict due to the standoff between the Zapatista National Liberation Army that is demanding equal rights for the indigenous people of Mexico, and the Mexican Army. This look at contemporary Latin America examines issues confronting the entire region by focusing on individual communities. It describes the art, architecture, and intellectual achievements of these people as well as their downfall to the Spanish Conquistadors. : Discusses the "meaning" of the American Revolution. Carmen earns six dollars a day but she is not a victim. Coffea Arábiga: One of Landrián's most celebrated works, combines fast-paced montage with innovative sound juxtapositions to narrate the history of coffee.

The film focuses on the impact the revolution and paramilitary violence have had on the daily lives of Mayan peasants in Chiapas, Chenalho and Acteal, Mexico. For some, it was a conservative effort by planters to sieze power and control the development of a society already divided between slaves and free men, white and non-whites, and the landed and landless. She is a dynamic young woman, busy making a life for herself and her children. The women also use video cameras to document their lives, their city and their hopes for the future. DVD 6606 Balachandran Orihuela, Sharada; Hageman, Andrew Carl. DVD X6955 An extraordinary documentary of authentic footage covering key events and figures of the Mexican Revolution from 1904 to 1924 as described by the pioneer film maker, Salvador Toscano. Video/C 2726 Examines the rise of Mexico's economy, and the series of crises which led to economic collapse. Video/C 4718 Defines Mexico City's globalization in terms of winners and losers, examining how, in the world's largest metropolis, immigration challenges are linked to poverty and population influx from surrounding rural areas. DVD 4305 A documentary dealing with the mexican perspective on free trade. Video/C 2822 The first segment examines the impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and U. industry's search for cheap labor and manufacturing costs on health, the environment, labor and civil liberties in Mexico. The film featured the Beatles' song "Fool on the Hill" as Fidel Castro appeared on screen. DVD X138 Nicolas Guillen Landrián was an experimental Cuban filmmaker and painter.

Two priests, Miguel Hidalgo and Jose Maria Morelos, led an uprising of poor people, largely Indians, and threatened to annihilate the upper-class whites, who closed ranks to defeat the insurgency and restore order. 1-2 (1946, 28 min.) -- Housing in Chile: one government's plan to provide better homes (1943, 18 min.) -- Lima family (1944, 18 min.) -- Lima (1944, 16 min.) -- Problems of housing (1944, 10 min.) -- Roads South (1943, 17 min.) -- Army nurse (1945, 16 min.) -- Silent war: Colombia's fight against yellow fever (1945, 10 min.) --To the people of the United States (1944, 21 min.) -- Wastage of human resources (1947, 10 min.) -- Young Uruguay (1943, 17 min.) DVD 8712 Adelina, presidenta: This documentary looks at the challenges Adelina Rasgado Escobar faced during her three years in office as presidenta municipal of Asuncion Ixtaltepec, in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca (1999-2001) Contents: Encrucijada = Crossroads (2002, 4 min.) -- Adelina, presidenta = Adelina, president (2003, 30 min.) Directed by Julia Barco. Video/C MM1285 An exploration by subterranean rivers and caverns; a fantastic and enigmatic trip where natural treasures and the vestiges of the ancient Mayas lie.

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Concludes with O'Higgins flight to Argentina, his relationship with Jose de San Martin, and the heroic march of their combined forces through the Andes to liberate Chile from the Spanish. The program show how Sendero, which uses both urban terror and rural guerrilla tactics, has brought Peru's shaky democracy to the point of collapse; and as Sendero has gained in strength, democratic values have been jettisoned as the country is caught in a vicious cycle of terror and counter-terror. It looks at sexual abuse and political terror and includes Guatemalan women refugees in Mexico who discuss the terror that drove them into exile. They are women looking for children kidnapped during political pogroms, journalists, writers and political activists. Follows the progress of women's rights and the fight for equal employment in Nicaragua. Video/C 6417 A film by Guadalupe Olvera San Miguel. Video/C 7275 Contents: Dia de la independencia -- L. cucaracha -- Signs of the times -- Mysterious apparitions on tortillas -- Latinos on TV -- Why cybraceros. For in Latin America, art and literature are the shared possessions of all social and educational levels. S., and how their descendants are still struggling today for integration into American society. DVD X5653 Explores the history and culture of the thousand-year-old pre-Columbian Aztec empire, from human sacrifices to their agricultural advances, its influence is still felt today. Follows Pacheco Colli's life in and out of the bullring, exploring his human passions and conflicts as well as his heavy alcohol and drug use. Presented at the International Latino Film Festival held in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dissatisfied with second-hand media coverage, Burgard and his camera team journeyed down to the U. Mexican border and, over a period of several months, interviewed Border Patrol agents, illegal immigrants, Minutemen, politicians, representatives of the ACLU and local ranchers to make a realistic assessment of just how porous our border had become. When Joao returned to Portugal in 1821, the crown prince Pedro, remained in Brazil, assumed the leadership of the movement to separate from Portugal, and declared Brazil's independence in 1822. Andes and Amazon: Ecuador, valley of the volcanoes. Sao Paulo, the Outer Ring investigates the plight of urban homesteaders in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Video/C 4319 Director Oliver Stone visits seven presidents in five countries in South America to gain some understanding about the political and social ideas and the revolutions, and to clear up how people view them. : Some of the American colonies did not achieve independence in the age of revolutions. Video/C 9205 Noted Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado and art critic John Berger pore over Salgado's photographic collection "Migrations," six years and 43 countries in the making (ranging across Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America). Chile, Pacific Rim Player examines the developing commerce and export economy of Santiago, Chile. Includes interviews with Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, Argentinean president Cristina Kirchner, Cuban president Raul Castro, and more. Simon Boliver, the liberator: This segment looks closely at the life of the revolutionary figure, Simon Bolivar, from his birth in Venezuela in 1783 to his first forays into politics and war in 1810. Directed by Ari Luis Palos, Eren Isabel Mc Ginnis (14 min., Spanish with English subtitles, 2001) Guigu Bícunisa: Rio Los Perros (aka. Border Barrier, a fence that stretches only 700 miles of the 2000 plus miles comprising the U. Teresa Vélez, artistic director of the Ballet Folklórico de San Antonio, discusses questions of authenticity and stylization in choreography and costumes. DVD X4964 Presents Mexican customs relating to the care and remembrance of the dead, a weeklong holiday called Days of the Dead as celebrated in the culturally rich state of Puebla. DVD 5633 Reveals human rights abuses that go unchecked in psychiatric hospitals, orphanages and mental retardation facilities around the world with primary focus on Mexico, Armenia and the Soviet Union. DVD 3267 Details the history of Mexico's often-overlooked African populations. Video/C MM1244 Interviews with children who are demonstrating with their parents against the government in Mexico City, concerning the effect that political unrest and violence in Mexico has had upon their lives. It records the lives of the Vietnamese living in the capital and surrounding countryside at the height of U. bombing as they continued their lives despite the shower of bombs, death and destruction of their country. Video/C 8154 Art of cigars: This early work of master filmmaker Tomas Gutierrez Alea, captures the beauty of making cigars. DVD 1884; vhs Video/C 8156 (75 minute version) Newsreel footage of a visit by Fidel Castro to Buenos Aires, Argentina in May, 2003, intercut with historical footage of other journeys to the country including meetings with presidente Nestor Kirchner and Che Guevara. Directed & produced by Laurie Ann Schag & Casey Stoll. In their quest for self-sufficiency, Cubans combine time-tested traditional methods with cutting-edge biotechnology.

Once in power, Bolivar was never able to provide the stability needed by the new republics. Guigu Bícunisa: The Otter River): The Otter River: Produced in association with the Foro Ecologico de Juchitén, an environmental NGO, this mixed media ecological video was created by high school students and promotes the conservation of Juchitáns sacred river. S.-Mexican border to help contain the illegal immigration issue, at a cost of three years and three billion dollars. DVD X5757 An animated depiction of the religion of the Aztecs told with illustrations painted in the style of native Mexican people of the sixteenth century. The program closes with a montage of various dances performed by the Ballet Folklórico de San Antonio. Focuses on folk arts related to the celebration, such as weaving, pottery, dance, and preparation of special foods. A production of the which uses video technology to investigate human rights abuses. Drawing on interviews and archival imagery, the film takes us from the slavery of the colonial era to today's Afro-Mexican communities in Guerrero, Oaxaco, Campeche, Morelos and Veracruz. DVD X4044; Video/C MM399 Film discusses free trade zones and the accompanying human problems that have arisen with human rights, exploitation of workers and environmental degradation. Video/C 5927 A documentary portrait of the life of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, who lived from 1907 to 1954, and has become an international cult figure. Produced by students enrolled in Ethnographic Film (Anthropology 138B) in Spring of 1966, at the University of California, Berkeley, Dept. Ciclon (Realizacion, Santiago Alvarez, b&w, 14 min.): Documentary footage of rural Cubans enduring a devastating hurricane with scenes of the storm followed by rescue and restoration efforts after the storm. Images of hands selecting tobacco leaves and rolling cigars are interspersed with graphic designs from cigar boxes and labels. DVD X2188 A documentary produced in Cuba celebrating the life and political career of Fidel Castro through archival footage, interviews with Castro and commentary by family, associates, former guerrilla fighters, politicians and historians. This segment looks at Cuba and Puerto Rico, two colonies in Spanish America that failed to achieve their independence. Video/C 4677 Counterfeiting is a practice with broad implications, from the merest of fake objects to entire histories shaped as facsimile. "Migrations" contains photographs of people pushed from their homes and traditions to cities and their margins -- slums and refugee camps. DVD X3425; Video/C 8738 Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado comments on his photographic collection "Migrations: photographs by Sebastiao Salgado," which range across Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. Video/C 4675 Presents powerful statements from students, labor leaders, veterans and church people involved in protesting the training of Latin American soldiers at the Fort Benning School of the Americas (SOA).

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