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*9 Record - Press *9, then 1 to confirm you want to start the conference recording. Participant Keypad Commands Control certain aspects of the conference from the telephone with the following commands: *3 Breakout Rooms – Leave the main conference to join a sub-conference.Press *3 followed by the number of the sub-conference, from 1 to 9, or press *3* to return to the main conference room at any time. During the free conference call, the host can start recording at any time by pressing *9 and 1 to confirm.Go to click Get Desktop App on the bottom of the page.Or, log in to your account, click Online Meetings then Host Meeting. The system can be accessed by either touch-tone phones or by using voice commands.Remember to wait for the beep before talking when using the voice recognition feature.

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Note: By default, all lines are unmuted, allowing all participants to talk. Press *7 again to unlock the conference and allow participants to join.

Your Choices are: the appropriate number as shown above, on your telephone keypad.