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07-Oct-2017 08:16

I want to do STEP by STEP method for newbies to show them how to start.

Now I will start writing this method, but I can’t promise you best results if you don’t work with this at least 2-3 hours/day in your first 2-3 weeks.

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Hey people, I became very popular on BHW forum because of this method.

I am making 70 to 150$ per day with this method and 90% of this is passive income. If you want, you can read my article on How to create your own porn site and how to make money with porn sites.

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Lot of people contacted me about this method, they started making money with this method in their first week!

Make one folder on your desktop and name it: Porn Method (or something like that) so download 10 videos there every morning and upload them over the day. is well known Pay per signup and Pay per lead website that will help you make your money. You will redirect your visitors from your domain to Crakrevenue offer, and they will pay you 50$ if your visitor Signup on their offer and 2.5$ if visitors only use free registration.

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Now I spend only 1-2 hours/week on this method, because I have lot of sites and lot of thing to do, and day is really short so I pay few people to do uploading for me.

Some of you guys probably know about this method and lot of you are making money with this method.

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