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22-Jun-2017 18:25

She played Mei-Ling Hwa Darling, one of the Darling family's daughters-in-law, in ABC's highly publicized dramedy, Dirty Sexy Money.

She had a recurring role as "Nadine Park" on Season 4 of Fox's Fringe, and has also appeared on TV shows such as NBC's Community (as "Wu Mei", a love interest of Chevy Chase's character, Pierce Hawthorne), General Hospital as Attorney Grace Yang, The Secret Life of the American Teenager as Emily, Touch as Lanny Cheong, Nip/Tuck as Mei, CSI: Miami as Susan Lee, CSI: NY as Lisa Kim, NCIS, Grey's Anatomy, Weeds, Without A Trace, Cold Case as Kara, Monk as Maria, ER as Tong-Ye, and Titus as recurring character Nancy.

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I talked to Lynn and Michelle recently about the movie, their first kiss, and how they feel about playing the first Asian American lesbian couple in an American theatrical release. It was May, 2003 when I first met [producer] Teddy Zee, who had seen the show I made in Taiwan. Between May, June, and July I was preparing for the role as if I had been cast, hoping that all the work would eventually pay off, but I didn’t get a firm confirmation until late in the process.Kimara Cretak is a Senator and representative of the Romulan empire for a short time aboard Deep Space Nine.She is accused of treason against the Star empire and found guilty in the episode "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges." The ending of the episode leaves her fate ambiguous, with it unclear if she will be imprisoned or executed.Characters are ordered alphabetically by family name, and only characters who played a significant major role in the series are listed. He runs against Vedek Winn Adami for the role of Kai, but is forced to drop out to protect the reputation of the previous Kai, Opaka. Julian Bashir has to replace his failing organs with cybernetics so that he can continue to advise Winn in negotiations with the Cardassians.

His continued efforts in this weakened state cause brain damage, and eventually his death.

Krusiec played the 18-year-old Molly O'Brien in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Time's Orphan".

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