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If you encounter any problems during the installation process or if you need more information before performing the installation, please contact your local sales representative.If you do not know how to contact your local Meta Imaging Series software sales representative, please refer to the Dealer Locator.In my new version of the Add Mvc3To Web Forms package I created a new file called App Start_Register Routes Areas pp. Update-Package Add Mvc3To Web Forms'Web Activator (≥ 1.1)' not installed. Successfully added 'Add Mvc3To Web Forms 0.6' to Web Application7. Now my Add Mvc3To Web Forms Nu Get Package can add ASP. NET Web Forms projects with no additional lines of code.Note the extension that signals to Nu Get to preprocess the file and replace tokens like $rootnamespace$, kind of like a mini-mini-code-generator. Notice that Nu Get automatically removed Add Mvc3To Web Forms 0.5 and installed Add Mvc3To Web Forms 0.6. This makes for a nice out of the box experience, especially if I bring in other projects that use the same functionality.It handles all network access and launches all installers, impersonating the client where necessary; as a general rule, it has no UI. (Note: There are actually multiple COM servers supported by Goopdate, which will expose different objects based on the command line used to start them.However, the above, which is known as the Update3 server, is the only one you should generally care about.) The Omaha Client always operates at user privilege levels and owns the UI of Omaha.Step 1 - Update the Nu Spec file I opened up my Add Mvc3To Web Forms.nuspec file and changed the version a notch to 0.6. Post Application Start Method(typeof($rootnamespace$. App Start_Register Routes Areas Filters), "Start")]namespace $rootnamespace$ David added the "Post Application Start" option because Pre Application Start happens too early in the process to register Areas, so for my package, I want things to run just after App_Start.

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There are a number of packages that need this functionality, and David Ebbo created the Web Activator package to make it easier. NET 4 attributed called "Pre Application Start Method," and David also enables a Post Application Start Method. Publishing your package [ID: Add Mvc3To Web Forms Ver:0.6] to the live feed... Package Manager Console From the package manager console I can type Get-Package... Successfully added 'Web Activator' to Web Application7.

Now, to THIS post that exists for two reasons: First, to show you how to create an update to a package, and what the update process looks like for the consumer.