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24-Aug-2017 21:46

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Customers who have yet to evaluate Windows Hello will find it easier to deploy due to simplified policies, documentation, and semantics.Windows Hello eliminates the use of passwords for login, reducing the risk that an attacker will steal and reuse a user’s credentials.All of this would have to be accomplished before TPM brute-force resistance capabilities lock the mobile device, the theft-protection mechanism kicks in, or the user or corporate administrator remotely wipes the device.With TPM-based protection, an attacker’s window of opportunity for compromising a user’s credentials is greatly reduced.Unlike smart cards, it does not require public key infrastructure or the implementation of additional hardware.

It uses the same security technologies as the Windows 10 operating system to help protect against known and emerging security threats across the spectrum of attack vectors.Windows Hello supports iris scan, fingerprint, and facial recognition-based authentication for devices that have biometric sensors.