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29-Aug-2017 23:28

Janardana Dasa, the owner and director of Janardana's Yoga and Wellness S.A Brazilian actress-model is accusing an NHL owner and financier behind Silver Pictures of offering her “millions” of dollars and a movie role in exchange for sex.

In one message, Gelmon sought to arrange another meeting with Katz.

Cipriani portrays himself as a longtime reliable source for the New York Post.

In the suit, he accuses Bunting of damaging his relationship with a New York Post editor by accusing Cipriani of extortion, which Cipriani denies. “A media consultant can’t go around accusing people of crimes just to kill a story,” Cipriani’s attorney, Peter Gleason, told , adding that publications have become increasingly gunshy in the wake of the Hulk Hogan lawsuit, which bankrupted Gawker. The story begins in November 2015, when Santo was flown to Hawaii to participate in a photo shoot for Viva Glam magazine.

The students' alleged boss, Jeffrey Jason Cooper, 46, was indicted by a federal grand jury this week in the Southern District of Florida on charges that include sex trafficking, wire fraud, bringing foreign nationals to the U.

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for prostitution and using a facility to operate a prostitution enterprise, according to a news release from the Department of Justice.Katz does not deny meeting with Santo, but has alleged that some elements of her story have been misconstrued.