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10-Sep-2017 18:06

And that’s if you’re lucky, as most of the time you will be told to “sssh”!

In some families they don’t even sit together, as the ready instant meal means that they can eat whenever and wherever they want.

Whereas in the past a family would sit down, eat dinner together and talk, nowadays, it’s far more common to sit in front of the TV and eat without talking.

If you do talk it is usually not about anything significant, since neither you nor the other person wants to be distracted from what you are watching.

Unfortunately, this self-imposed isolation is not confined solely to dinner time, as after dinner, each family member will go their separate ways.

Usually, returning back to the TV, going on the Internet, playing a computer game, listening to their i Pod or chatting on their cellular phone.

But unlike in the past where these contacts would occur face to face, in today’s society, most of this contact occurs via a television screen, a computer monitor or a cell phone.

The result of this technological bubble is that people are having less face to face communication, and more indirect communication via intermediaries such as computer screens or telephones.

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