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07-Oct-2017 08:19

The word refers to women who don’t get married by 27, and are then considered “leftover” or “cast aside,” essentially undesirable.

However, this presents a problem for the growing number of Chinese women following their own careers.

A melancholy segment, probably designed to be so, from the third episode involving male contestant Zhang Jingli provides a good example.

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Sheng nv or 'leftover women' are unmarried women who are older than 27 years old.

A contestant from the first episode was rejected for holding a master’s degree, deemed too high when compared to her potential boyfriend’s level of education, while in the second episode one woman worries in the side room that a male contestant won’t have a higher degree than her, a fear not echoed by any male contestant.

Many people love to marry someone more intelligent, more accomplished than themselves, but exceptions abound in China. One female contestant on the first episode was passed over by a set of parents for being 40-years-old and divorced.

which aired its first episode on Christmas Eve 2016.

The show’s gimmick puts the burden of choosing a partner not on potential suitors, but on their parents.It's understood that it has led to a few marriages and many relationships.

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