Camping surrey sussex

29-Jul-2017 16:51

The shoreline paddle is 4.6 km, including the shallow bay on the northeast side of the lake. The cool morning temperatures left a few lingering mists, but there were some ducks in the shallow bays.

There are a small handful of cabins on the lake in addition to the fishing resort, but no one was stirring on this day.

Most of the shoreline is treed and even through there has been extensive logging in the area, most of the cut blocks are not visible from the lakes, except on one side of remote Sussex Lake. There are no cabins at Sussex Lake; its just a nice high country spot for fishing or paddling.

The more pull-ups you can do the stronger you are surely, right?At 1.3 km, the Resort is reached, but look for another side road going to the right.This narrow road follows the western shoreline of Surrey Lake and beyond to Sussex Lake.Going west towards Logan Lake for 7 km, we turn left onto the Surrey Lake Forest Service Road and follow the road up the hill for 6.9 km until it passes under the Coquihalla.

Watch for a Surrey Lake Fishing Resort sign and turn right onto that sideroad.Especially if you can do over ten wide-grip pull-ups, you deserve a big pat on the back.